TEDx Greenville Talk: Incomminicable Diseases

I spoke at TEDx Greenville on March 22.  I am a through and through introvert. TEDx? I only have Ideas Worth Keeping to Myself.

Speaking to large groups...isn't really my jam. I like workshops. A classroom setting. A table discussion or meeting where everyone is sitting.

Standing with bright lights in my eyes. Unable to see how the audience is reacting. It freaks me out. Though I think I am getting better. I have to thank the amazing Deb Sofield and my husband Chris for that.

All in all, I'm pleased with my TEDx Experience. I got through it...and I got the chance to talk about something that concerns me deeply.

Relationship Advice (Part Two)

And maybe she took this new, less trusting self to high school and college and, as a way to cope, she became funny. She got funny and ambitious and she rarely said anything that wasn’t a joke or a plan so that even her own parents said — “You tell us a lot about what you’re doing, but you don’t tell us much about how you’re doing.” And she said: That’s because I’m doing great.

But maybe she wasn’t doing great. Maybe she went through school with a secret and her secret was that she had this whole other person inside her — a wide-eyed, trusting 12-year-old girl who she kept very close. And this girl wasn’t funny and she wasn’t ambitious and she wasn’t cynical and she wanted to be loved for who she was and not for what she could do.