WEEK NINE: Rogerian Argument

READING: Wood, Chapter 10



We began this class with an ungraded "Visual Quiz" about logical fallacies — to help us remember last week's lesson.

After the quiz, we learned our last new concept for the class: Rogerian Argument. Unlike traditional argument, which assumes a winner and a loser, Rogerian argument assumes that each side has some common ground...and that a win-win scenario is possible. Rogerian argument is best for sensitive (i.e. hot-button) issues and in cases where you are trying to preserve a relationship, such as business negotiations and interpersonal disagreements.

We brainstormed a list of "hot-button" issues as a class...issues that we think will never be fully resolved. I then gave the class 45 minutes to choose an issue from the board or to think of a personal issue that is currently unresolved and write a letter to someone on the opposing side in the Rogerian style. I collected this Rogerian Argument Letter as a graded in-class activity.

Next, we looked at some documents explaining the Final Project in more detail: the Argumentative Essay Rubric, the Prewriting Worksheets, the Proposal Questionnaire, and the Evaluation Questionnaire. We went over each of these and the requirements for the final paper.

Before breaking for workshop time, we discussed our plans for next week. In place of class presentations of your final projects (which would take 8-10 hours to do if each student presents for 10-15 minutes), we will be having student-teacher conferences all day on Wednesday...from 1:00 pm until 9:00 pm.

Next Wednesday, be sure to come by to talk to me about your final paper. The more you have completed (Prewriting Worksheets, Working Outline, Etc.) the more productive our conference will be...but come by no matter what. We can go over your grade, look at what you're missing, and discuss what you need to do for the final exam and the final paper. Your student conference will count as your attendance and as your Project Presentation Grade.



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Argumentative Essay Rubric

Prewriting Worksheets

PROPOSAL Questionnaire

EVALUATION Questionnaire