EXPLORATORY PAPER (aka your "rant")


Your book describes an exploratory paper as an exercise where you pick a topic that interests you and then you begin to conduct an external search. You read a few different articles about the issue and identify 3-4 different points-of-view...and then briefly summarize each point-of-view in a short paper, ending with your synthesis, or your opinion.

While this is a valuable exercise, I'd rather we begin with the internal search...so I'm asking you to write a rant. Again, as with the summary-response paper, this is just what it sounds like. Start thinking of all of your pet peeves. What annoys you? What do you talk about a lot to your friends and family? (even when they wish you would stop) What do you feel compelled to argue about or comment on when you're browsing online? Write about these topics. No rules...just write. Let it all out. But keep it short. 1-2 pages max.