This is the same as the first summary-response paper, except that you have a choice of two articles. You can either summarize Essay #6 on pp. 167-169 ("Let's Stop Scaring Ourselves") or Essay #8 on pp. 172-173 ("When It's All Too Much") 


A summary-response paper is just what it sounds like. You find an argument (choose a short one, if possible) and you briefly summarize...then respond.

The summary portion of your paper should be 1-2 well-developed paragraphs. In a summary, you should always remember to state the name of the article and the author, along with the main claim (the thesis) in the first sentence. The structure looks something like this:

In the New York Post editorial ["Name of Article"] {Name of Author] argues that [Main Claim of Article].

The remainder of the summary should be a highly condensed version of the article you are summarizing. You should choose the reasons and the evidence that you think are the most relevant and compelling to the argument and leave out the rest.

The response portion of the paper should also be 1-2 well-developed paragraphs where you respond to the author's main claim. Do you agree or disagree? Would you take a different approach to solving the problem? Do you even think there is a problem? The response can go a billion different ways because it's just that — your personal opinion about what you read.

That's it! Super simple. Try to keep it to one page.