Welcome to The Winter Term!

Hi Students!

It's me....Emily Reach White. I'm very excited to be your professor for the Winter Term of Composition 2. I look forward to learning with you and to making the course a valuable experience for you.

This is me, grading papers.

This is me, grading papers.


This is the blog where I will document our class each week and post your homework. Please use this as a tool throughout the quarter to make sure that you are staying on track. You are also welcome to contact me through the comment section here as well as through my personal email: reacheb@gmail.com

I have attached the standard course syllabus below for your reference. In addition, I have the following course policies:

All Work is Due within Two Weeks of the Date Specified. While I am a generous grader and I understand that you are all busy, non-traditional students, Composition 2 is a course that builds on itself as we work our way toward the final paper / project. This means that you will make your life (and, incidentally, my life) a whole lot easier if you follow the structure of the course and turn in the required assignments when they are due...or within the two week grace period. Trust me...you want that final paper to feel effortless at the end of the quarter because you've been turning in pieces of it as you go!

Unless Otherwise Specified, I Want Hard Copies of Your Work. You are more than welcome to email me your assignments if you want to do so for your records or if you like to send your work as soon as it's done. However, I will grade the hard copy that you give me in class. I worry, with email submissions, that I might miss your assignment and not give you the credit you deserve. It is much easier for me to keep track of student work and make sure that I've graded everything if I have hard copies.


That's it. Come to class, talk to me, do your work...and we'll get along great. I am eager to help you and to keep the lines of communication open, just meet me halfway.