WEEK FIVE: Types of Claims

READING: Wood, Chapter 5



We began class tonight by taking Quiz 1.

Next, we broke into two teams and conducted a Rapid-Fire Debate. Each team had to choose one side of an issue (cats vs dogs, cable vs. satellite, is the lottery worth it or not, for example) and present a 5 minute argument for their choice. Each team had to build a case using Toulmin's model: Claims followed by Support (Reasons, or sub-claims, and Evidence).

After our class debate, we learned about Five Types of Claims: Fact, Definition, Cause, Value, and Policy. Each type of claim requires a different organizational strategy and different types of support. We kept track of each type on a Chart Handout. While it's good to know all five claim types, for the purposes of this class and your final paper, we will be focusing on Value Claims and Policy (also called Proposal) Claims.



Read Wood Chapter 6

Working Claim Oral Presentation